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ATC Completes First Combined Audit by NUPIC Members
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ATC Completes First Combined Audit by NUPIC Members

Becomes First Supplier in Full Compliance with Recent EPRI CGD Guidance

ATC Nuclear recently completed the triennial NUPIC Audit at their Oak Ridge, Tennessee and Schenectady, New York facilities. This was the first combined audit conducted for ATC Nuclear facilities by NUPIC members.  

The NUPIC Audit Report, issued March 16, 2017 resulted in no findings or observations issued. NUPIC Team Members stated that ATC Nuclear is the only supplier they know that has been audited and is in full compliance to the most recent EPRI CGD Guidance issued. The audit will make it easier for customers to manage ATC-Nuclear services on their respective approved vendor lists. 


Established in 1989, the Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC) is a procurement initiative that has established a process for the evaluation of suppliers to assure they meet high quality standards. The critical oversight of components that contribute to the protection of the reactor core is their core value. NUPIC provides the process for performing and sharing audits of over 270 nuclear safety-related and commercial suppliers. Their 41 members include all domestic U.S. nuclear utilities, and several international members. They share 260 SR audits and 50 CG Surveys posted on the NUPIC database for immediate download; reducing inefficiency in individual utility audits. Eligibility for a NUPIC audit requires a supplier to have minimum of five NRC licensees as customers, and automatically enrolls them into the NUPIC standard 30-month audit schedule.

A NUPIC  audit has become the NRC’s preferred and cost-effective method to maintain their Approved Suppliers List. The effort to combine quality assurance with vendor review supports NUPIC’s commitment to the future of commercial nuclear power. NUPIC’s philosophy is in alignment with The Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) “. . . to promote the highest levels of safety and reliability – to promote excellence – in the operation of commercial nuclear power plants.”

As an organization, NUPIC is addressing industry issues and challenges that impact procurement including utility staffing, industry codes and standards, utility participation / commitment, and regulatory influence, in areas such as:

  • NRC Activities Including Vendor Inspections
  • NRC Enforcement Actions
  • Environmental Issues
  • Use of Industry Accreditations for Commercial Calibration and Testing Services

NUPIC makes NUPIC documents accessible to all site visitors. This includes audit schedules, commercial grade survey schedules, checklists, and a variety of NUPIC documents.

The NUPIC Audit Process  

The audit process uses Performance-Based Supplier Audit (PBSA) Worksheets to focus the audit, and the engagement of technical specialists guide the auditors. As an example of the scope of the audit, the summary sheet in the audit checklist includes the following sections:

  1. Contract review
  2. Design
  3. Commercial Grade Dedication
  4. Software Quality Assurance
  5. Procurement
  6. Fabrication / Assembly activities, Material Control and Handling, Storage and Shipping
  7. Special Processes
  8. Tests, Inspections and Calibration
  9. Document Control / Adequacy
  10. Organization / Program
  11. Nonconforming Items / Part 21
  12. Internal Audit
  13. Corrective Action
  14. Training / Certification
  15. Field Services
  16. Records

According to NUPIC, suppliers must understand each finding before the audit exit, challenge findings if there is disagreement, be conscientious in responding to the lead utility and resolving the issues, and be sincere and pursue each issue as an improvement opportunity.

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